Made of Bronze, 2019




Desire - Wooden Sculpture Symposium, Castello Tesino, Italy - 2017


Castello Tesino, Italy - 2017 Made of Wood, 2.1 Meters Tall, City of Castello Tesino  

"The thirst of creation has always been with humans. They have always been struggling to create a space that follows their conscience to satisfy their needs. This sculpture is a symbol of a human that has been mixed with his life and thoughts in this path."


Canada - 2020 Made of Clay and Bronze  

"The world is constantly moving like a wandering and rebellious horse. Now a human, who has been riding it for a long time and trying to discover its secrets, is unable to tame this wild horse and find his place more unstable than ever."


Canada - 2016-2018  Made of Bronze, Sahar K. Boluki Art Gallery
Toronto, Canada

"A place between staying and going Where you have to make your hardest decision Where you face the oldest dependency of your life Where pain changes you Where you do not remember yourself Where you discover the truth And finally Where you meet yourself..."


Made of Steel, Welding Technique, 2019